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One of my great aunts just died. All things considered she was probably my favorite, but that's a low bar because I am American and as a people, we don't really care for the elderly.

When I say we don't care for the elderly, I’d like to clarify that what I mean is we don't like them. As a society we provide them with consistent financial and medical support and we resent the hell out of it.

Something that's as hard to miss as it to say in public, is that the reason we've had…

An insult to the memory of Genghis Khan

There are large scale commercial fishing operations which specialize in killing dolphins. Personally, I’d like to see this end, but I have no choice in the matter because the murder-fishing takes place outside of the borders of my country and the people that do the fishing come from cultures which find killing dolphins for food acceptable.

License free image of Inner Mongolian Flag

It’s horrifying that an intelligent animal like a dolphin could be slaughtered wholesale in order to be a side dish for somebody who has innumerable other sources of protein. But the question of dolphin intelligence raises another question. …

Projectiles Lead to a Different Theory of Property

Yesterday, I was thinking that without our irrational desire to retain the things that we have in our hands by violence if necessary, for example your cell phone. Somebody could make a living just by walking around slashing things from people that weren’t worth fighting to retain.

It doesn’t really make sense that someone would chase you down for half a sandwich for example. I didn’t bring this up yesterday because it seemed too hypothetical to be interesting.

This morning I saw the abandoned shell of an Amazon package that someone had taken from a doorstep, plundered, and thrown into…

If you are interested in leg attacks and have at least one friend, you could do a lot worse than Robert Degle’s Kani Basami instructional. It’s an in-depth look at how he pulls people’s legs into a heal hooking position using details that are nearly impossible to deduce by watching him perform the movies in competition.

Robert Degle about to execute his trademark move.
Robert Degle about to execute his trademark move.
A picture of something important happening

Kani Basami is Japanese for Crab Scissors. Normally, we think of this in terms of the leaping scissor takedown, which is famously banned for destroying people’s knees in Judo matches. However, Robert’s instructor John Danaher used the term for any attack where two legs…

Lose Unsightly Fat Without Cutting of Your Head

“Food had replaced sex as the primary source of psychopathology.”- Jordan Peterson, Renowned Intellectual

It turns out I have body dis-morphia. I had been under the impression for years that my constant exercise and experiments with diet did not affect my appearance, yet when my wife shared a picture of me making her breakfast a few days ago I looked like Zeus. Apparently, I am far closer to a socially acceptable body than I appear to be when I examine myself with a mirror. …

The Mythological Russel’s Paradox: The biggest circle still has its border.

If you’re a big enough Tolkien fan to read the books, you’ve wondered what Tom Bombadil IS. Tolkien goes out of his way to say that he’s too short for a man, too tall for a hobbit, and too granola loving to be a dwarf. More importantly, to those of us who read our Silmarillion instead of just putting it out in our office at Thiel Capital trying to impress the boss, Bombadil is too old to be any of those things. He’s older than the Angels (Maiar), and clearly not one of them. He doesn’t seem to have needed…

Has Lachlan Giles sparked a pressure passing revolution?

It’s funny how the mind absorbs heuristics. Three years ago, I heard Roger Gracie declare “There’s nobody in the world who can open my closed guard without standing up.” At the time I remember thinking that 1) “Nobody can open Roger’s closed guard.” and 2) “Plenty of people can open my closed guard without standing up.” These were two good reasons for taking this advice with a grain of salt.

Jaguara Peak with a city beneath it.
Jaguara Peak with a city beneath it.

Slowly, however, I began to gravitate towards standing guard breaks. Furthermore, I based my game around imitating Roger’s closed guard and worked from the premise that if I did everything…

If you’re over-trained, hell yes it is!

If you train in an urban Jiu Jitsu gym as often as I do, you’ve noticed the emergence of a new human phenotype: Wealthy tech executive who comes out of a divorce and starts taking “EVERYTHING”. These bizarrely athletic 50-year-olds with bulging veins and rippling abs ride their sports cars from open mat to open mat, smelling of artificial raspberry workout powder and raving about “peptides”. It’s both painful and amusing to see them use their purchased virility to crush pencil-necked 20-year-olds, whose negligent parents let them go through high school without playing a sport. It’s both inspirational and annoying…

In which, I see something I don’t want to and freak out.

So what did Greg tell me when he finally showed up?

First of all, that I “looked like shit,” and that if this was the sort of state I was finding myself in every morning, he’d happily donate a few hours to help me take stock of my life and figure out what I was doing to lower my seizure threshold.

I told him that any discomfort I might be suffering was deliberately undertaken after a fully informed analysis of the costs and benefits. …

Energy Drinks are older than the English language, and so is mixing them with alcohol.

Have you ever woken up to the sound of blood-curdling screams?

It wakes you up permanently. Every time the monster at the foot of your bed turns out to be real, your brain re-evaluates how soundly you ought to be allowed to sleep. All it takes is waking up with your mother’s boyfriend on top of you once or twice and you’ll never face a math test with a full night’s sleep again.

I hit the popcorn ceiling of my bedroom with a painful crunch, landed in a crouch and sprinted into the hallway. …


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