Can adventure and social media co-exist?

We ignore the bedbugs that gnaw us as we sleep, and swat the flies that wake us up.

Yes or yes?

Instead of arguing, I simply admit that If I had a better idea I would explain my idea to you and you would change your mind.

Most dreamers feel awake. The words “I am awake” mean absolutely nothing.

If you want me to believe you are awake, first convince me I am not dreaming. If you can’t prove to me that I am real, why should I believe that you are real?

An insult to the memory of Genghis Khan

License free image of Inner Mongolian Flag

Projectiles Lead to a Different Theory of Property

Yesterday, I was thinking that without our irrational desire to retain the things that we have in our hands by violence if necessary, for example your cell phone. Somebody could make a living just by walking around slashing things from people that weren’t worth fighting to retain.

Robert Degle about to execute his trademark move.
A picture of something important happening

Lose Unsightly Fat Without Cutting of Your Head

“Food had replaced sex as the primary source of psychopathology.”- Jordan Peterson, Renowned Intellectual

It turns out I have body dis-morphia. I had been under the impression for years that my constant exercise and experiments with diet did not affect my appearance, yet when my wife shared a picture of me making her breakfast a few days ago I looked like Zeus. Apparently, I am far closer to a socially acceptable body than I appear to be when I examine myself with a mirror. …

The Mythological Russel’s Paradox: The biggest circle still has its border.


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