Asian Man White Female/White Man Asian Female

With tensions between America and China mounting by the day, we can no longer avoid the fact that groups in the worlds two largest economies have diametric interests. Tech companies and Steel Magnates might be able to work something out. The cold war between China’s 30Million “extra” men and the Americans who strongly prefer East Asian women will boil on like liquid nitrogen at room temperature.

We all know the shape of the conflict but for the sake of objectivity, here’s an article from the user-edited and curated Urban Dictionary:

WMAF: A creepy relationship between a white male and an Asian female that is predicated on (1) the white male fetishizing the Asian female as an exotic sex object and (2) the Asian female being desperate for approval from white males because she feels internalized racism toward her own race.

ie. Hollywood frequently pushes WMAF couples in commercials, television shows, and films as a subtle form of propaganda.

The above could have been written by a social justice warrior I suppose. But look at this:

AMWF: An Asian Male and White Female relationship. The smaller but more balanced counterpart to WMAF (White Male and Asian Female). Instead of marrying for sexual fetishism, race and prestige, most AMWF relationships are built on love, respect and being equal partners. It’s two confident individuals rowing against the currents of institutionalized racism. Most AMWF couples have equal educational attainment and bring in similar incomes. As a result AMWF hapa children are also more balanced. The AMWF hapa sons see a well educated and responsible role-model in their Asian dads, and the hapa daughters see a strong, independent and progressive woman in their white mothers.

User Comment:

Mike: Did you notice that most famous and successful half-Asian half-white people are actually a product of AMWF relationships and not the other way around despite being vastly outnumbered?

Sexual fetishism, internalized colonialism, social prestige? This is clearly the propaganda of someone hoping to win a war of ideas. Furthermore, it has to be the work of Incels because only they don’t know that referring to women as “females” makes them really angry.

The Incel dominated effort goes beyond Urban Dictionary. Check out this anonymous eugenics paper which came to my attention months ago when it went viral on WeChat. Here’s the abstract:

Meta-Study: Why AMWF is Eugenic and WMAF Dysgenic

Anecdotally, AMWF sons have been observed to be more masculine on average than WMAF sons. We now outline the cause of this phenomena. We state with exact certainty that AMWF sons inherit more androgen receptors from their White mother』s X-chromosome and that WMAF sons inherit less androgen receptors from their Asian mother』s X-chromosome favour, that AMWF sons inherit the conditions for higher prenatal and postnatal testosterone from their Asian father』s Y-chromosome and that WMAF sons inherit the conditions for lower prenatal and postnatal testosterone from their White father』s Y-chromosome; and that both AMWF sons and WMAF sons inherit similar amounts of 5-a reductase.

I’m skeptical, but for all, I know this could be completely true. Also, the paper could be a prank. What I can say “with exact certainty” is that for something this obscure to go viral despite having zero pictures, there must be a lot of insecurity out there.

This is why I’m a free speech absolutist.

Insecurity is just a derisive word for fear and anger. In 2013 I got into a cab at the Beijing airport and was greeted with a sarcastic “Oh, look another American!” The driver rejected my attempts at small talk and said nothing until he dropped me off at “Fire God Temple” in the heart of the Hou Hai bar district. As I stepped out of the cab his parting shot was, “We have 30 million single men in this country you know!”

That night the joke was on him, I had flown 15 hours to sit on a bench with 4–5 elderly men and talk about Kung Fu, while pointedly ignoring all the beautiful women. In the long term, the joke was very much not on him. Cab drivers know people, eventually, the old fellows would return home to their wives, and I’d still be there, a threat to the preservation of China as a nation of ethnically Chinese people. After the fifth taxicab conversation of this type, I headed back to the states until things cooled off.

Anons(preferred pronoun) on 4chan use the expression “Japanese Girlfriend” synecdochally to reference the “good life”.

Sadly, you can’t heal the world just by changing your address. By 2013 disgruntled men who already had a vague sense that something was wrong with the world, were beginning to light on interracial relationships as part of the problem. Likewise, social media’s constant expansion provided increasingly indisputable evidence that a certain demographic of American men were pursuing relationships with Asian women exclusively.

Around 2014 my friends on Chinese social media started using the phrases AMWF and WMAF. What was once a morally neutral means of classifying porn, had become a politically charged label. At the same time, my fellow Anons(preferred pronoun) on 4chan were starting to use the expression “Japanese Girlfriend” synecdochally to reference the “good life”. The battle lines were drawn for a generational conflict between Chinese and American Incels. The victims are people in actual loving relationships and women whose good qualities make them the subject of concentrated attention.

The victims will be people in loving relationships, and women whose qualities subject them to concentrated attention.

Take China’s television personality Liu Xin. Liu Xin was once one of the most beloved women in China thanks to her spectacular performance at a public speaking competition in London during the 90’s. When she returned from her post at CCTV’s Geneva bureau with a German-Turkish husband, her popularity imploded. While her recent conversation with Trish Reagan was well received in most of China, nationalist Incels leaped on the opportunity to renew accusations against her as a “race traitor.”

Combatants quickly began analyzing Pornhub, and pointed to the number of thumbs down on the AMWF videos as evidence of a concerted effort by white Americans to steal Asian women. Insincere anger over colonialism and feelings of self-loathing dominated the discussion. This was clearly a venting of the type of male frustration, that directly causes over 90% of all trouble.

Arguments that this conflict only exists because of selective abortion, or that the porn-gap is a result of Chinese government censorship, are beside the point. The reason this type of discussion goes beyond a mere sports rivalry and into the realm of dangerous social issues is the tendency of anger to be directed towards people like Liu Xin, and the constant theme of “just revenge by any means necessary.” The mob always goes after “vulnerable winners” hoping to make an example of them and justifies its tactics by saying they are merely returning the same harms visited on “them”, by the other group. Once the concept of group identity and it’s corollary collective guilt is introduced into a conversation practically anything can be justified on these terms.

Incel: “You people dropped an atomic bomb on Japan, I’m just beating you with a stick!”

Incel: “Oh yeah, well you guys did gender abortions. You don’t deserve a girlfriend!”

This is the only attitude bitter enough to actually hope for war since every participant knows that each death on EITHER side brings him closer to ending his loneliness. There are spiritual dangers too. China has yet to produce an answer to Jordan Peterson, but if he ever emerges, he is highly likely to have a flowing robe, 108 rules for life, and some pretty bold ideas on the subject of self-immolation.

All I can say i,s stay alert, love the one you’re with (if any), and remember that personhood comes before race, sex, or gender(if any).

Congratulations to Lang Lang and Gina Alice! I just found out while writing this.



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