Spinoza saves the Incels while there’s still time!

Can we use Euclidean reasoning to lift the desperate out of suffering?

Here are some things everybody agrees on: 1) When you join a group you associate your identity with the qualities of the group. 2) All other things being equal, It’s better to have good qualities than bad qualities. 3) Qualities can be either objective, or subjective.

Now I’m going to go out on a limb and say: 1) Unhappy people are unhappy because of their bad qualities and not because of their good qualities. 2) Members of a group of people who are unhappy for the same reason will tend to be more diverse in their good qualities and more similar in their bad qualities. 3) The qualities of a group are determined by the common qualities of it’s members.

From the above I propose the following: 1) People who join a group based on a common resentment amplify both their own bad qualities according to the bad qualities most common in the group. 2) The more central a negative quality is to the creation of the problem shared by the group, the more likely that quality will be amplified by membership in the group.

Therefore: 1) A group of men organized around the premise that they are unattractive to women is collectively more repulsive to women than the total sum of each individual man in the group. 2) Association with such a group lowers the attractiveness of every individual member by de-emphasizing the positive aspects of his identity and amplifying the negative aspects. 3) The same phenomenon will be observable in any member of an identity group organized around a common grievance.

Solution: Men who identify as being unattractive to women should search for a trait which is common to each member of the group, but which is inherently attractive to women. The group should then be reconstituted as a group organized around this common attractive trait. This will have the effect of 1) De-emphasizing the repulsive traits which form a common denominator for the group. 2) Amplifying the positive traits which are also common denominators.

Proposed unifying traits: Maleness and Heterosexuality.

Proposed name of new group: Nalpha


A movement of males organized around the premise that heterosexual women find them unattractive is illogical. By definition heterosexual women find men attractive, and necessity restricts their options to heterosexual men. No good can come from a movement which is based on corrupt ideas, and it’s irrational for a group of people organized around the premise that it’s members are unattractive to a group of people defined solely by their capacity to be attracted to them. The idea itself is substantially more repulsive than the people rallying around it.

In contrast, the idea of heterosexual maleness is fundamentally attractive. Liking heterosexual women is a fundamental prerequisite for having a relationship with one. Heterosexual men are defined by their unique ability to Love women romantically, and heterosexual women are defined by the fact that they find that love desirable. Don’t signup to collectively hate the only people that can ever love you.

Instead, be a Nalpha: The primary benefit of calling yourself an Incel is that it sounds vaguely mysterious and threatening, like Tom Clancy's “The Splinter Cell”. But you don’t want to be threatening, you want to be happy. The Splinter Cell was getting paid to kill people, nobody is paying you to be miserable. The category of threatening things includes fire ants and toxic waste, people avoid threatening things

Nalpha doesn’t sound as cool as Incel, but has the advantage of not making every single woman on the planet dislike you. Additionally, Nalpha is a name that can follow you from misery into relative happiness without forcing you to get rid of all your friends. At the moment, it stands for “Non-Alpha” signify the fact that you reject “all that stupid Alpha crap”. After you find yourself in a stable relationship you can always say it means “New Alpha”, because you’re just as good a protector and provider as one of those smooth talking SCUBA instructors. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that “The subconscious mind doesn’t hear negatives.”, so you’re really labeling yourself as Alpha the whole time! That’s a very Alpha play!

The best group to be in is the one that supports you when you are miserable and doesn’t hold you back from success. The Incel movement should retain all its members and reorganize around the positive characteristics they all share. A resentful assholes are like well behaved women, they rarely make history. A bunch of horny guys is a movement with potential!



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