Free Your Mind: Admit Where You Got Your Ideas From.

You know what I always say, “ Will cannot be called a free cause, but only a necessary cause.” I mean if you think about it, Free Will is only a particular mode of thinking, like intellect. If Will were infinite, it would still be conditioned to exist and act by natural laws, not because the universe expresses the infinite and eternal essence of thought. If you think about it like that, it’s pretty obvious that Will requires a cause by which it should be conditioned to exist and act. So my point is, If will needs cause by which it is conditioned to exist and act in a particular manner, the fundamental first cause of all existence cannot be an act of will. Or do you disagree?

“Tail ends, bimodal distribution, Pareto, Manifest orient, bucko”
If you must steal ideas, pick a source that isn’t over exposed.
You wouldn’t use the word “Manifest” that much if you were speaking your own thoughts.
Reading Taleb is vital self defense against the people who steal his ideas and get them wrong.
(Socrates and his boyfriend Alcibiades) The internet can give you answers to impress you’re friends, but asking interesting questions is where the action is.

This guy on the internet suggests that avoiding the “worst possible suffering for everyone” is a moral absolute based on quantitative criteria. I’m trying to think of the best way of quantifying suffering because it strikes me that if it’s not physically possible to measure suffering it’s not really a quantitative basis for morality in any practical sense…That’s a good point! You can’t derive an ought from an is unless you can know what Is. Speaking of suffering, how are things at the dialysis clinic?”

Ciao Terra, is the Baruch Spinoza of ankle locking people from Dela Riva Guard.



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