The Adventures of Dart Mouth: The Prophylactic Super Hero

3 min readFeb 27, 2023

Dart Mouth was a superhero unlike any other. He possessed a special power that enabled him to vaccinate people against any disease, no matter how deadly or contagious. He could do this with a single dart fired from his mouth, which would cause the vaccine to flow through the veins of his subject and protect them from harm.

an ampule of covid 19 vaccine
Photo by shuttershock

As the world was facing a global pandemic, Dart Mouth knew that his special powers could make a huge difference in saving lives. He traveled to every corner of the globe, visiting the most vulnerable populations and vaccinating as many people as he could.

Dart Mouth’s powers were not just limited to vaccines, he was also able to educate people on the importance of vaccination and the science behind it by shooting his mouth off. He worked tirelessly to dispel myths and misinformation about vaccines, and encourage people to get vaccinated.

This is his story…

Emanuel Jones, better known as the superhero Dart Mouth, was at Dartmouth University when he received a distress call from a nursing home located a few miles away. The nursing home was facing an outbreak of a deadly virus, and they were in desperate need of his help.

Without hesitation, Dart Mouth sprang into action. He quickly changed into his superhero suit and headed towards the nursing home at lightning speed. As he arrived, he saw that the nursing home was in a state of chaos, with nurses and residents coughing and struggling to breathe.

Dart Mouth knew that time was of the essence, and so he immediately used his powers to vaccinate everyone in the nursing home. With a swift flick of his tongue, he fired darts from his mouth, each one containing the vaccine that was specifically designed to fight the virus.

As he darted around the nursing home, he expertly dodged the panicked residents and nurses, firing vaccine darts with incredible accuracy. Within minutes, everyone in the nursing home had been vaccinated, and the virus was no longer a threat.

But Dart Mouth’s job wasn’t done yet. As he was leaving the nursing home, he noticed a group of ninjas lurking in the shadows. They had been hired by a greedy corporation that sought to profit by hoarding the vaccine and selling it at an exorbitant price.

Dart Mouth knew that he had to act quickly. He engaged the ninjas in a fierce battle, using his mastery of martial arts to quickly take them down one by one. In the end, he emerged victorious, and the ninjas were forced to flee.

As Dart Mouth left the nursing home, he knew that he had saved countless lives that day. He felt proud of the fact that he was able to use his powers for good, and he knew that he would continue to fight against vaccine skeptics and greedy corporations that threatened the health of innocent people.

From that day on, Dart Mouth became known as a hero to the residents of the nursing home, and to people all around the world. His powers may have been unique, but his bravery and commitment to saving lives were qualities that anyone could aspire to.